18 super romantic wedding cakes for new brides

Although it does not look like it, this beautiful cake hides a chocolate sponge inside, bathed in syrup, with a layer of black chocolate ganache and another layer of mascarpone cream with strawberries. The exterior frosting is also made of mascarpone cream and is crowned by a small bouquet of natural flowers.

Confectionery: Indicakes (@indicakesbcn)
Photography: Indicakes

Naked cake of two floors perfect for weddings in the coldest months of the year thanks to the contrast between the semi-covering of white and cream and the details of flowers with golden leaves.

Confectionery: Sweetmama (@sorayasweetmama)
Flowers: Rita Experience
Material: Abanik
Location: Bell Recó
Photography: Say Cute!

Naked wedding cake with sponge cake and natural flower ornaments. It also works with weddings off season , especially in autumn.

Confectionery: Sweetmama (@sorayasweetmama)
Flowers: Muguet
Material: Abanik
Space: Casa Periques
Photography: Josep Maria L.Blanes

Perfect spring cake to start the new wedding season in the most romantic way possible. The recipe has chocolate sponge inside, no eggs, no milk, no butter, and buttercream on the outside in white with touches of pink. The flowers: paniculata and almond flowers.

Recipe: Merceditas Bakery (@merceditasbakery)
Photography: Merceditas Bakery