40 Awesome IDEAS How To Make Wine Bottle Lights

As we have seen on more than one occasion, the lack of money is not an obstacle to get a beautiful and impressive decoration . There are thousands of ideas to decorate with low cost resources and DIY tricks that allow us to create almost any element of furniture or complement to decorate homes . The cardboard , the pallets , mirror frames … any idea is good if part of the imagination 😉

Following that line today we suggest you reuse an element present in all houses in one way or another: bottles . In this case to turn them into beautiful decorative lamps.

Who is involved in decoration knows that a good lamp or good lighting usually costs money. Light bulbs are cheap, but as soon as one looks for a lamp with some design costs skyrocket. Therefore, a good way to save money in that section is to recycle the glass that we have in the bottles that swarm around the house and create some impressive lamps for both lighting and decoration. The most usual is to use wine bottles . Because of their characteristic elongated shape and the material they are made of (dark glass) they are especially good for decoration.

Where does the light bulb go ?

Basically there are two options:

1. Above, for which we can only use thin strips of light (such as those used at Christmas or LED strips)
2. Underneath, which will force us to cut it by the lower or upper area, as you prefer the shape. In these cases, having free access you can place all kinds of light bulbs, candles or whatever you find more decorative.

How do I cut a bottle?

For this there are two techniques:

1. The recommended option: Using a professional tool (a diamond glass cutter)

2. The homemade option (coarser and more risky if you’re not a handyman): By thermal shock: you make a small circular cut around it, burn it for a while with a candle and when you finish sanding the edges of the edge with a fine sandpaper (An easier alternative is to put a small rope of jute around, burn it for a while and then put it in a bucket of cold water but not always a perfect cut, you must have skill and practice). In YouTube you have many tutorials, here we leave one randomly for you to see the result:

What bottles do I use?

As we have said, wine bottles are the most appropriate, but in reality you can create combinations of precious lamps with bottles of all kinds (water, cognac, etc. etc.), provided they are made of glass because if you try with the plastic and you do not use the right bulb you could burn them.

Can you show me examples?

Of course 😉 Here are a few ideas to decorate with bottle lamps to inspire you.