Right now it seems that if you do not have a Cropped Jeans you are not at all! So before you run out to a store to buy some short jeans that let your ankles look, today I’ll show you how to cut jeans to make them ‘cropped’ . It is very simple and you will only need scissors, ruler, pencil and a washing machine.

Before starting with the tutorial on how to cut your jeans, the best recommendation I can give you is to choose jeans that you are not too fond of, especially if it’s your first time … Since I was little I love cutting my jeans, making holes, that you can say I’m an expert in cutting jeans, but more than once my pants have ended in shorts without wanting to, and in worse cases, direct to the trash!

After this warning, now yes, we started with the tutorial, which by the way is the first I have done since I have the blog, and I promise it will not be the last, because this invent and try to customize things I think I’m pretty good at (modesty, aside and -much laughs-)

Yes! You may not like heels, you should never wear them, but by climbing into heels you can have a better view of the actual length of the pants, especially if it is as long and as wide as this one.