This step can be done in two ways, it will only depend on the type of scissors that you have. If you have a large scissors and cut well, you can fold the pants in half, check that it is even at the top and cut the two ‘legs’ in a single gesture. If your scissors is small, or do not cut too well, cut a part first, fold (checking that the top is aligned) and using the bass or roll you already cut, you do it with the other part.

Once you have cut the jeans or jeans and you have checked that everything is in place, you just have to put it in the washing machine, then in the dryer (this step is optional, I do it because they are more frayed) and will be ready to enjoy them. I could not stand it and as soon as they came out of the dryer I put them with my Stan Smith …

* A TIP: If you want to make your jeans look more worn and broken, make horizontal cuts in the areas that you want to “destroy” and when washing them, they will be like the two cuts of my pants that are on the leg that is ahead in this last picture.