DIY: 3 Easter baskets made of scrap paper

Hi, I’m Sasha ( Three Red Tulips ). Today I bring 3 fun proposals to sweeten the morning of Easter to the children of the house. It consists of 3 models of boxes or confectioners to fill with chocolate eggs, candies or your favorite treats.

In the entry How to wrap gifts in 5 different ways , Ruth showed us how to make boxes with kraft cardboard step by step with cardboard.

Today I bring three ideas of paper Easter baskets very easy and beautiful.
Use floral designs, build carrots and bunnies, fill your paper boxes with sweets and sweets and surprise children and not so children with a very sweet breakfast!

Do you find the proposal amusing? If so … Get to work!

3 ideas of Easter baskets that you can do in an easy way

Easter basket with scrap paper flowers

This basket is very easy to make. You can fill it with sweets or organize a treasure hunt and have the children of the house fill it with chocolate eggs they find.

What materials will we need?
– 1 sheet of scrapbooking paper, I have chosen one with floral pattern.
– Fixo double-sided tape.
Edge cutter of Anita and her world.
– Flowers of felt and enamels from the basics of Anita and her world.
– Pencil, ruler, cuter and plegadera.

How to make a Easter basket step by step

Step 1: Prepare the base of the basket.

Cut a square of paper of 21 cm of side. Measure every 7 cm on each side and draw the lines with pencil. There will be 9 frames of 7 cm on each side. Mark all the lines with the plegadera.