DIY: 3 Easter baskets made of scrap paper

Step 3: Decorate your paper Easter basket.

Glue the different elements of the bunny: the legs on the front of the box and the head sticking out from the inside of the back. Stuffed with sweets and ready to sweeten the day


A carrot-shaped box with a little window to browse what’s inside!

What scrapbooking materials will we need?

– Scrapbooking paper of Anita and her world in orange.
Scraps of scrapbooking paper from Anita and her world in green.
– Corner die-cutter and magnetic die-cutter from Anita and her world.
– Fixo double-sided tape.
– Piece of acetate.
– Enamels of the basics of Anita and her world.
– Pencil, ruler, cutter, plegadera.

Paper carrot step by step

Step 1: Prepare the base of the carrot.

Cut a rectangle of orange paper of 21 x 10 cm on each side. Place the magnetized die in the center of the paper and cut. On the inner side stick a piece of acetate to make the “little window”.