DIY: 3 Easter baskets made of scrap paper

Step 2: Assembly.

Place double-sided tape on the horizontal and vertical edges. Glue on the vertical side so that it looks like a narrow tube.

Tip: If necessary, help yourself with a pencil or ruler to stick well.

Remove the protector of the double-sided tape from the base and stick flattening forward, so that the window is on its side. Round the corners.
Fill the box with sweets or sweets.

Before closing, decorate with some “leaves”. Cut strips of green paper of 20 x 1 cm. Stick the ends. Insert into the tube and glue them together. Close the tube flattening in the opposite direction to the base. Round the corners.

Step 3: Decorate? !

Decorate your taste. You can put a card with the name of the recipient or just paste some enamels.

Tip: you can make carrots of different sizes by varying the sizes of the paper.

And with this last one we would have ready my 3 proposals of homemade Easter baskets. What do you think of my proposals? Which one did you like the most?

I await your evaluation and your comments!