This is how you have to cut your jeans so they are PERFECT

And the ideal measure is …

Four fingers above the ankle. There you have the right measure. In fact, you can take your favorite booties as a reference and cut them down so that, with them on, you can still expose almost a foot span. In this way, you can lengthen the syllable and create a much more slender effect.
Fashionable cut

You will see that those who know the most in fashion wear it without stopping. It’s about leaving the back part longer than the front, forming a well-marked step. It is perfect for undercut shoes and sling back .

A little more subtle

If you prefer to give it a simpler, less marked air, try to define less the difference between the back and the front.

What if I wear bell jeans?

In the case of flared jeans, the equation is the same. The shorter you leave them, the better, because the half measures here are not valid. It is the only way to show that they are cut just to the extent that you want, instead of it seems that you have been fishing.